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    Use automated mechanisms or tools or tools produced by technology to extract, obtain, compile, directly or indirectly, of any information on this Site, remember that the Information, although it is Public, is Property ( BRETTA- MACOUN DE MEXICO S. DE RL DE CV)
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    Carrying out or attempting to carry out fraudulent activities that include the falsification of identities or forms of payment, among others.
  • Consequently, all the information for registration and billing that you provide us must be true and accurate, since any false or inaccurate information will constitute a breach of these TERMS AND CONDITIONS. By confirming your purchase, you expressly agree to pay for the items ordered to successfully complete the payment process.
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  • Remember that we are here to serve you at all times, so in case you have any claim or doubt in relation to this site, the services it offers and these TERMS AND CONDITIONS, we ask you to contact us at our Customer Service Line 3329668874 , in our email


  • The information of all the products that we offer on our Site is exact and attached to their characteristics, however, if due to a manufacturer error, the article contains any characteristic other than what was announced, you can return it under the conditions and deadlines that are established in our Returns and Refund section.
  • We remind you that the images and photographs of the products are the property of ( BRETTA- MACOUN DE MEXICO S. DE RL DE CV) and that they are exposed to you for indicative and illustrative purposes and that the colors of the products may vary depending on your monitor, so we recommend you verify these conditions before placing your order so that your experience is totally satisfactory.
  • Also check the purchase conditions before placing your order so that you know the terms, conditions and restrictions that may apply to the product of your interest.
  • All the prices of the products offered on our Site include VAT and IEPS taxes that may correspond to them, but are independent of the shipping costs that may or may not be generated. We promise that when placing your order, the total amounts will always be indicated so that if you decide to accept them, you can complete your purchase.
      • For us your trust is very important, so by favoring us with your purchase, all the products and services offered ( BRETTA- MACOUN DE MEXICO S. DE RL DE CV) Not only are they of the highest quality, but also, as a responsible distributor that markets and offers such products, they are backed by the Manufacturer's Warranty in accordance with the provisions established in the Federal Consumer Protection Law and its Regulations.
          • In order to benefit a greater number of customers and / or not cause the shortage of some products in a certain geographical area, we inform you that the sale of some items in high demand may be limited to certain pieces, this situation will be communicated to you before making your purchase.
            PAY ON LINE
              • It is important that the means of contact you provide us at the time of placing your order are reliable and precise, because in the event that a ( BRETTA- MACOUN DE MEXICO S. DE RL DE CV) It is not possible to authorize or authenticate your payment, we will inform you by this means that the purchase process will be stopped.
              • IMPORTANT: In purchases of our products such as natural wines, natural craft ciders, juices, craft beers, clothing, and bar accessories, etc., you must prove that you are an elderly person on the website and in case of picking up in the warehouse You must present documentation that accredits you as a person of legal age, it will be essential. Otherwise the sale will not be possible and the order will be canceled.
              • Order number.
              • Valid official identification:
              • In the case of Mexicans by birth or naturalized.
              • Valid voting credential, issued by the National Electoral Institute (formerly the Mexican Federal Electoral Institute).
              • Valid passport.
              • Valid professional license.
              • Valid driver's license or the Personal Identity Card issued by the National Registry of
              • Population of the Ministry of the Interior, in force.
              • Valid National Institute for Older Adults credential.
              • In the case of foreigners.
              • Card with which the payment was made: (Does not apply to orders paid with PayPal).
              • The Customer must sign the order in accordance with the satisfaction survey and in the list of items provided at the time of delivery.
              • No copies, illegible or extremely damaged digital images, only physical originals.
                • Likewise, the well-being of our customers is paramount for us, therefore it is important that when making your purchases in alcoholic beverages you take into account that excessive consumption of these products can have adverse health consequences, especially in social groups. considered vulnerable such as the elderly and minors, we invite you to consult the government programs of your entity that aim to limit the damages associated with the excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages.
                • Current immigration document that corresponds, issued by the competent authority (where appropriate, extension or immigration endorsement).
                  SPECIAL PROVISIONS
                  • ( BRETTA- MACOUN DE MEXICO S. DE RL DE CV) may delay the delivery of the order when the client does not present the aforementioned documentation until the client does.
                  • The order will be canceled in the event that irregularities are detected and it is not possible to contact the customer through the means that he has provided.
                  • In the above cases, the company may, at its option, delay or cancel the operation as long as there is no confirmation by the client without any responsibility for the company.
                  • Cancellations will be notified via email in the contact that the client has provided and the intermediary financial institution will make the corresponding refund. This procedure is under the responsibility and treatment of the bank issuing the card, so the release of the "Balance Retention" may vary according to the times of each Institution.
                  • When you finalize your order on the page or the App and wish to pay online, once the charge is authorized by your bank, a “Balance Withholding” will be generated in your account. This could be perceived as a "Firm charge" you could even receive a notification on your cell phone from your bank; however, the final charge will be generated at the time of issuance of the purchase receipt.
                  • Once the ticket is printed and I invoice in case there is a difference in your favor, the balance retained for said difference will be released by your bank in the time that it determines. ( BRETTA- MACOUN DE MEXICO S. DE RL DE CV) It is not empowered to pay or release the balances in favor of the client. Sometimes banks can take up to 30 business days to release balances, to expedite it we recommend that you call your bank.

                        • It is important to inform you that your security and confidentiality are very important to us and that the information you browse on our Site is transmitted encrypted ensuring its protection, always make sure that you are in a protected environment and in the correct Site by verifying that in your navigation bar appear as a prefix of our page Remember that you are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account, so if you detect that its security was violated or recognize an unauthorized use, in order to protect your personal data, we will provide you with the Customer Service Line at Customers 3329668874 as a means of contact so that you notify us immediately.
                          • Unless expressly indicated, all materials, images, photos, illustrations, icons, trademarks, signs, texts, programs, products, processes, technology, content and distinctive elements that appear on our Site ( BRETTA- MACOUN DE MEXICO S. DE RL DE CV) They are protected by applicable Mexican Legislation and International Treaties on Industrial and Intellectual Property.
                            SUGGESTIONS AND CONSUMER COMMENTS
                              • Your satisfaction is very important to us and we continually work to improve our processes and services, so please let us know your comments, opinions, suggestions and ideas through the following means:
                                • Our Customer Service line 3329668874.
                                  • To email info @
                                  • Take into account that with the acceptance of our terms and conditions ( BRETTA- MACOUN DE MEXICO S. DE RL DE CV) en tu Casa will have the right to use, reproduce, disclose, modify, adapt, create derivative works, publish, share and distribute any comment that is made without any restriction, or the right to any compensation and without the obligation to keep said comments confidential, Unless you expressly request us to keep it confidential.
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