🍎😋 esta tarde se antoja una hopcider !
Bretta 🇲🇽 sidra reposada en barrica de
❄️❄️Bretta 🇲🇽 🍎🍏😋❄️❄️ #sidrabretta
under the bretta trees 🇲🇽 #sidrabretta
sidras bretta 😋 #sidraeslodehoy #sidrab
#apples #hardcider #brettacidery #sidrer
🌹 🌹 Bretta 🇲🇽 para mitigar este calo

 One of our craft ciders with a blend of a different apple varieties . 

Natural cider rested in French oak barrels for 6 months.

Our hop cider  is made with a blend of different hops that give a good character and aromas . 

Our rosé ciders its a blend

with berrries and red fruits.

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